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Fan Fiction
Beatle Street

Heyla, fellow Beatle Fans. Here is my Fan-Fic page, i hope you enjoy it. I'll be adding fics to it every so often when i find a good one! I will have the fan fiction of the month up here, because i have yet to figure out how to add mutiple ones! lol. :)

*~A Day Like Any Other~*
By Stephie McCartney

I was walking briskly down the streets of London. It was a day like any other. I was on my way to work, or more like my new job I was trying to find. I continued walking but I pulled out a slip of paper from my purse and stared at the address in my hands.
It read: Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road
Well, some help this does me! I thought. I had just moved to London, trying to get my life back on track. Where the hell is this place anyway? 'Abbey Road', like I'm supposed to know where that is? I came to a crosswalk and looked up. The sign above me told me that I was on Abbey Road! At least I found the place! Now where is this studio they were talking about? I turned and came face to face with a white building. It looked a whole heck of a lot like a studio to me, so I walked up and knocked on the door. A buzz of excited voices came from inside, and they silenced when I knocked.
A man about 10 years older than me peeped out the door. He looked friendly enough, so I decided to ask him.
"Excuse me for interrupting, but I saw your ad in the paper and I was wondering if this was Abbey Road Studios?" I asked politely. The man's face turned from irritation to a bright smile.
"Its pleased to meet you. I'm Brian Epstein. And you are?"
I nearly fainted as I heard the name and shook the mans hand. "Iķ³¦ķ¶”pos;m Rachel." I stuttered. There was a flash of movement behind Brian, and then the face I knew too well from magazines appeared.
"Hello, luv! Good thing Brian hadn't scared you off, you look like a nice girl to me!" John Lennon retorted at Brian's side.
"Aww, Lennon, stop trying to charm the bird!" It was Paul McCartney, my all time favorite and heartthrob! This was too much to handle; and I fainted right into some ones arms. The person I had collapsed on was holding me steady, thought I was knocked out cold.
I awoke a few minutes later to excited chattering and irritated voices. I was lying on a couch in what seemed to be the lobby of the massive studio. I drowsily opened my eyes and came face to face with The Man himself. I gave and excited squeak and squinted my eyes shut again. Laughter filled the room.
"Oh Macca, your charm has made her faint, she just can't stand to look at you anymore, you are sooo cute!" Ringo laughed in a sing-song voice. I felt a hand on my shoulder and slowly opened one of my eyes. It was Paul, again. "Come 'ead, luvie." he cooed and brushed a strand of stray hair away from my face. "Sorry I scared you, I should have know you would react that way." he sighed.
I smiled back up at him. "I feel so stupid, I mean, I fainted in front of the Beatles!"
John snorted and went on to explain what had happened while I was out cold. "Well, Rachel, was it?" John asked. I nodded in reply, but soon stopped because my head hurt.
"Anyway luv, Paulie here was going on and on and on about what he would do to you-"
But that was as far as John got before Paul clamped a hand over his mouth. I giggled while George, Brian and Ringo howled with laughter.
This story is currently underway, stay tuned for updates! I PROMISE I will update it within the next 2 days!

Email me to suggest a fan-fic! Or ideas, i can always use a story line or and idea from someone! :)