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Favorite Links
Beatle Street

Alrighty, then! Now that you have survived my disater of a processing webpage, here are some of my fave fan fic links or just plain old linkies that i love:


This link goes to a wonderful Fan-fic page and it has a ever-growing directory of stories, i give you:
Sunday Night at The London Palladium!

Get to the Palladium!

Here is the best Fan-fic story i've ever read so far. Let me warn you though, it is the size of a book with its 326 pages, but it is a great read. It is a heart warming story of Paul and the girl of his dreams, Tess. I just got finshed with this story myself, it took me about a month to read off and on! I hope you enjoy it, and be thankful for the lady that wrote it!

Into My Life